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PublicBIKES – Dutch style bicycles for design oriented people

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I have bike. From PUBLIC Bikes.  I got introduced by this company as one of the client for our Operations and Systems class, while I was in graduate school. (Design MBA, California College of the Arts).

I got fascinated by the CEO’s story talking about he started this business to adapt Dutch lifestyle and distinguishing their users who wants to ride bicycle with style. I almost see someone (including myself) using this bike as a tool to enhance their style. To express their vision on their active and healthy life, ego to their style and tasteful taste on design. ( I carefully picked but bike that speaks me when I got this bike)

As a bike brand like this, it is very important to choose the right place to have their branch stores that meets their demographics. This slides that I show below is the project that me and my teammate (Brandy Davis-Balsamo | Juli Sherry | Maya Joseph-Goteiner), did for our Operations and Systems project.

The mission that we had was finding the best city and location for their 4th branch store. We carefully did study of this business, finding their most important criteria to consider for this matter, when through the score chart system we created and came out with 3 options. We also suggested the idealistic timeline for the store open and format of the store (which was a pop- up store) for final suggestion.

Below are the slides that we created for final suggestions with research methodologies and process. I uploaded this more for portfolio purpose in here.

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This Is Just to Say * subtitle: Apples


This is a video that I made for my 4D project when I was 19. It is nothing fancy or high tech but I love to watch this video, missing my time when I was passionate on making stuffs. video had been chopped out at intro part so .. little funky in the beginning… but it is quite cute! you will enjoy watching it.

Song:  박혜경, 사랑은 비를 타고 오네요 ,  one of my favorite song ;)

Poem: This is just to say, by William Carlos Williams

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Red room and Red Entrance for Red Room

I’ve completed both BFA and MBA in California College of the Arts.

They have 2 campuses, one in Oakland and one in San Francisco. Since I’ve majored Graphic Design which based in SF campus, I did not have that much spending time in Oakland campus but my best friends from college were mostly majoring Jewelry and Metal, that is based in Oakland campus. This room is one of their exhibition gallery I believe, I still dont know what exactly this room was for, but one day I entered the building after not sleeping for a while, found this room painted in red. To anybody else, this room bight be remembered as something, else but for be this had been identified as “Room that had been painted in red for couple days”.

I do not know what is official name of this room. STILL.


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Let’s talk about your identity!


Hello, this is Austina. and up there is me wearing glowing glassed that I bought at Target, for 4th of July BBQ. (cost only a dollar! woot woot!)

It’s about 10:19 pm, July 21st, 2014… and I decided to start running a blog from now on. (This is something that I’ve been planning to do forever.)

My blog is going to be a place to express my thought and studies around “IDENTITY”

Why identity? People have identity. So does business, places and even flower has their identity with their look, fragrance and ambiance. And I see it is such a fascinating thing that everybody, place and business has their own identity. That sometimes had been designed very delicately, but sometimes get built up unconsciously and glow beautifully.

Hope this blog is the virtual place that I keep my journal of identities that I see the value of (including mine ;))

I have to say .. I’m pretty excited about this start. Hope you enjoy my stories. This is certainly not a Harvard Business Case Studies nor my graduate thesis! so please don’t critic too harsh. Tee hee

OK, Let’s start talk about your identity first!

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